Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Implement Google Analytics into your notion page.
Try in your page ! (demo)

paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.

1. Go to your Google Analytics dashboard and Click "Set up for free." 2. Create account -> select Web -> Fill property set up (use your URL from step 1) -> click create If you have your own domain for your page, use yours instead of '' 3. After creating, you will face your 'Tracking ID' like below. 4. Build your Embedding URL using Tracking ID, domain, page info to below. Embedding URL template (don't paste this directly. make sure you put your OWN information)
- if you have your own domain. use your domain for YOUR_NOTION_DOMAIN. (it has to be identical with Google Analytics domain. - YOUR_NOTION_PAGE can be anything. It will be referred to a page in the Google Analytics dashboard. 5. Paste the Embedding URL from Step 5. into your Notion page's Embed block. Hooray! 🎉🎉 Got your first GA stats.


Hello, thank you very much for answering, I was referring to the embedded links on my Notion page, in this case the ones I used for Google Analytics, since once I added them with the embed block, I can't see them to delete it or check it

about 3 years ago


Hi Gaylene. If you want full control of your Embed Apps, you need to sign up.( ) The Apps you created after sing in, you can manage them through dashboard. ( )

about 3 years ago


Hello, thank you very much for this work, it is really cool!I have a question if you can help me. In the attempt, I think I embedded the link more than once, but now I can't find the embed, do you know how can I check them and delete the ones that don't correspond?

about 3 years ago

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