Spotify gives you instant access to millions of songs
Try in your page !

paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.

1. Right-click any song, album, artist, playlist, podcast or episode in the Spotify player and select "Share" -> Click on 'Copy Embed Code'. 2. Paste the Copied Embed Code into your Notion Embed block.


good but I cannot log in within the embed... always redirecting to Spotify web app browser, any additonnal tips ?

8 months ago


I have the same problem as Maeva. I have a premium subscription but logging in keeps redirecting me to the website player.

7 months ago


Same issue as Maeva and Aliyah. 🙃

6 months ago


for those having trouble: go to a spotify playlist u have, click the three dots then share, click "copy the embed link", paste the embed in notion like above, there u have it!!

6 months ago


^you just reiterated what the OP said... and it doesn't work obviously

6 months ago


it wont play the full song :(

6 months ago


same problem (30sec music). it won't play the whole song

6 months ago


yess me too

6 months ago


same here

6 months ago


Yes, its a preview and not a full song. That is a limitation given by Spotify's embed service

6 months ago


From what I understand the problem is that we can't link the notion account with the spotify account, that's why it'll just re-direct us

6 months ago


i'm trying to make it as thin and horizontal like what you see on those album cover things but it looks like I put it to the smallest size but its not like how I wanted it to be. Any ideas?

6 months ago


my spotify shows "this music is not allowed in ur country" sorry f my bad english im brazilian but i want so much my playlisttttt

5 months ago


lol I guess we won't get it then :////

5 months ago

15 Char max

"yes you can easily get 30 secs" right. so not possible

4 months ago


4 months ago


Just go to a Spotify playlist and click the three dots, then click share and copy embed link. This widget is pointless.

4 months ago


Can confirm, Spotify only allows 30 seconds of the song to play on Notion. I wish it was like Myspace days where you can add a full song onto your home page aha

4 months ago


if you want to put a full song on notion you can try downloading it (youtube mp3 converter for ex) and then choose "audio" and upload it. i hope it helps :)

4 months ago


Yes but the issue Blanca is that we want a whole playlist to play with more than 50 songs so downloading all the songs isn't the best thing to do :/

4 months ago


seems like we're outta luck : /

4 months ago


hmm thats so disappointing

3 months ago


its hopefully a cool enough idea they implement it eventually

3 months ago


Dang I hope that notion and spotify can figure this out before college starts back up again

3 months ago


I had the same problem. I have a Mac, and it gave me the option to always open the link in the app when I first clicked on it. It will still open a tab in my browser (chrome) but will immediately redirect me to the app. I do not have to do this on my phone.

3 months ago


it literally only comes up with a loading screen then just a blank screen

3 months ago

Mac just goes blank

3 months ago


it goes blank

3 months ago

15 char max

mine lets me imbed this playlist, but when I try and do mine it says 'sorry couldn't find that' - does anyone know how to fix this problem?

2 months ago


I’m having the same “sorry couldn’t find that” problem

2 months ago


its showing sorry couldn't find that again and again... any idea how to make it right?

2 months ago


Same mine says could not find that

2 months ago


I'm having the same problem as everyone else here, even youtube playlists are not working, it keeps saying "video unavailable"

2 months ago

Ellinor Lennie

i'm also having the "sorry, couldn't find that" issue - double checked and the playlist is definitely public, so i'm really not sure what's wrong? it let me embed a different playlist elsewhere, but isn't letting me add the embed for this one???

about 2 months ago


same issue as @ellinor lennie , doesn't work with my playlists even though they're definitely public, keeps saying "sorry, couldn't find that"

about 2 months ago


Mine only works for other playlist but not my personal ones :/

about 2 months ago


try using to get the embedded link!

about 2 months ago



about 2 months ago


god dayum why cant i log into spotifyyyyyyy!!

about 1 month ago

j i n

this is my problem too. cant play my own playlist more than 30secs but it works with other people's playlist!

28 days ago


Have they fixed it yet? All I get are 30 second songs

27 days ago


any solutions?

25 days ago


have the same problem. Any solutions?

21 days ago



18 days ago


I had the same problem. Then I found this website that lets me download music from Youtube. I hope this will help.

16 days ago


i got it to work, but without this widget. simply go to your spotify account, under sharing you'll see the option to embed playlist or track. copy that and paste it in notion. you don't need this widget at all. hope it helps :)

3 days ago


hi, it worked for me to press on the 3 points / create a similar list, and in the duplicate list apply the above (3 points / share / insert list / copy). Strangely in the duplicate list if I load the playlist and the "Sorry, but we couldn't find that" no longer appears. With respect to the 30 seconds I only stay pressed in original. Good luck

2 days ago
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