Animal Crossing Hourly Music, Timer, & To-Do

Animal Crossing Hourly Music, Timer, & To-Do

by guppy | 61.1K
Work timer/todo list with hourly rotating ACNH Music for your Notion Pages :)
Try in your page ! (demo)

paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.



im on mac and every time i open my laptop it autoplays the music. it plays hourly and it gets really annoying. i deleted the widget off my workspace and it's still autoplaying.

2 months ago


I love it but the to-do-list button is a little difficult.

3 months ago


you need to go into your settings on your computer and select "allow" on sound in notion settings.

3 months ago

is there a way to ma

is there a way to make it not autoplay evertime you jump back to the page

3 months ago


by the way that little line with the blue dot is the volume

3 months ago


to everyone struggling with sound, i just followed this video:

3 months ago


it's just not working there is no music

3 months ago

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