Apple Music

Apple Music

Share your favorite playlist.
Try in your page ! (demo)

paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.

1. Visit the website and get your playlist. 2. In the top right of the screen, click '...' -> 'share' -> 'Copy Embed Code' 3. Paste the Copied Code into your Notion Embed block.


if your on the app notion and not on the web then just put the embeded code into an audio

11 months ago

Deniss Carp

On the app I can't login and when I click login it goes on the webpage where I authorize the access but when I click ok it doesn't work and when I come back to the app I can only listen to 30 s of the song

12 months ago


worka good for me :) not logged in but it does play

over 1 year ago


Since Notion isn't a web browser technically, the authorisation can't be opened in the same window and even if you log in, it doesn't get transported back as an info to Notion. However, if you use Notion on the web, it works! You can sign in and you can play music with it. But as I said, only on Notion Web, not in the app itself.

over 1 year ago


My problem, can't sign in :(, anyone can help me?

over 1 year ago


same issue, it used to play on same screen in notion

over 1 year ago


over 1 year ago

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