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paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.

1. Visit the website. 2. Find one and click 'Get Widget'. 3. Customize your widget and copy Embed code. (don't paste this into Notion. it won't work yet.) 4. Generate Notion Embedable URL with your Embed code. 5. Paste the URL into your Notion Embed block.


Hola, la solución para que el widget se vea normal es que le quiten el tamaño automático mientras configuran su grafico y le pongan el tamaño en px que necesiten manualmente.

about 1 month ago

Nikolei Rosati

Ya the auto size never works correctly for me haha

about 2 months ago


how do I get the widget to change to the ticker or the quote chart as seen in the live demo? I'm also having issues with the auto sizing. It only takes up half of the embed

4 months ago


Thank you!

4 months ago

jaejoon lee

진짜 존나 좋은듯 ㅜㅜㅜ

almost 2 years ago


anyone able to get the autosize to work?

almost 2 years ago

looking for something else?

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