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Google Calendar app helps you spend less time managing your schedule and more time enjoying it. #calender
Try in your page !

paste the url into your Notion page's /embed block.

1. Visit the website. 2. Go to 'Settings'. 3. Click one of your calendars from 'Settings for my calendars' menu. 4. Enable Access permissions. 5. Scroll down to find 'Integrate calendar'. 6. Copy URL from 'Public URL to this calendar' 8. Paste the URL into your Notion Embed block.

Jay Cass

wish we can use multiple calendars

6 months ago


same, ik indify lets u do that but u have to pay for it :/

6 months ago


there is a solution for multiple calendars....

6 months ago
6 months ago
6 months ago


Multiple calendar just combine the src :

6 months ago


Go to the settings in google calendar and scroll down to the embed code, and click cutomize - then customize the embed with the selections and then use the Apption site to embed HTML code - works brilliant I have all my calendars embedded. happy days

5 months ago


I tried what Niall said but for me it's still only one calendar's stuff is showing, even though in the preview I see everything O.o

5 months ago


any new solutions for multiple calendars?

4 months ago


4 months ago


I can make it multiple calendars but when I embed the code into the notion, the calendar doesn't appear, do you have any suggestions?

4 months ago


4 months ago


This combining two calendar codes thing worked for me, however the embedded calendar doesn't reflect the different colours I've used in my actual calendar, and gives the preview of an old style google calendar. Any way to get the coloured version?

3 months ago


its just a pity that is so ugly xD

2 months ago



about 2 months ago


GUYS OMG I FOUND OUT WHAT NIALL (bless him) MEANT! So in steps: 1. In GC, whichever calendars you want to make available on Notion, make access permission PUBLIC. So be careful picking out which calendars you truly need on Notion. 2. Go to your main calendar (the default) and under integrate calendar click on customize. 3. On this page on the side bar, uncheck all the calendars that you hadn't picked in the first step. 4. Customize however you like otherwise. 5. Copy the HTML link provided above on the page, onto the HTML code embed here in Apption And you know the rest! For those who were worried about the horrific ugliness, you can change the background colour of the whole thing on the customize page of GC, or on Apption too. Helps a little. Good luck!!!!!!

20 days ago
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